Open Innovation Hub

About us:

The Open Innovation Hub by Open Sky Group is a unique Innovation Hub focusing on Travel Tech startups on one hand and Aviation and Tourism corporations such as Airlines, TMC’s, OTA’s, Travel Agents and Tour Operators on the other hand.

How we do it?

We mapped out unique opportunities within our startup ecosystem community to develop tech products, enhance your customer experience and produce profitable business solutions.

The Program:

Action Items and benefits:

  • Involve yourselves in the local ecosystem by sponsoring a range of events, such as conferences, hackathons and competitions.

Establish a partnership and give your company truly effective exposure to the local ecosystem and deal-flow. Become part of the industry, by accessing and investing in new technologies. Be part of a community hub and have constant access to deal-flow for potential investments and partnerships. Identify a design partner, and be part of a unique strategic corporate platform, targeting promising technologies. Adopt a local scouter, enabling practical and useful access to the local ecosystem by identifying local talent.

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