Open Sky Group

Over our GSA operations stands the Open Sky Group, which, in addition to the activities of the GSA, holds a number of related companies, as detailed.


Open Sky Cargo

Open Sky Group 50% partner of OpenSky Cargo.
OpenSky Cargo (OSC) is Israel’s largest Cargo GSA company, and holds a unique network of international connections, forwarders, and logistics and delivery firms from the very top of the list of the cargo market worldwide.



Open Sky Group 25.1% partner of AVIAREPS.
AVIAREPS is the global leader in fields of Airline GSA,Tourism and Destination Marketing & Public Relations.


AIA Cargo

OpenSky Cargo 75% partner in AIA.
(AIA) is the leading international service provider in cargo management, with a worldwide network based in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For each representatives we represent in Israel, we have a dedicated team responsible for promoting sales and marketing .

We are there to help you with ALL local authorities, permits and authorizations, and fees!.

are eminently experienced and respected, with more than 20 years of solid presence in the marketplace.

Take advantage of our customer support call center 24/6. We are there to assist all passengers and agents.

We provide marketing services that include the establishment and management of advertising campaigns and newsletters.